Release Day! – Scotsman’s Siren

May 27, 2016

I know, I know, I’ve been falling way behind in the blog department lately. But my spring travels are over, and it’s time to get back to work on a regular schedule! And what better way to start than with the release of Scotsman’s Siren, out today (exclusively at Amazon…for now!) Here’s the first chapter to get you started!


Chapter One

Angus MacFarlane owed everything to the Culpepper family. Seriously, everything. They’d given him a job, a home, and more affection than his own family could have drummed up if they had a kindness factory that manufactured respect, with a side of common decency, stacked next to all of the other factories in Glasgow. Angus was the last person anyone would expect to find on a ranch in western Wyoming. He was a Glaswegian, a city boy, definitely not one of those romance-novel-worthy Highlanders that the ladies seemed to love. Glasgow was industrial, not rural like Culpepper, and Angus had fled from the city, the country, and the continent as soon as he received his acceptance letter to study agriculture at the first American university that would give him a scholarship. He’d never looked back.

He didn’t look back now as he strode across the spring-wet ground that separated the stables and the working part of the Culpepper ranch from the houses. Linda’s house in particular. He was on a mission—a mission born out of longing so deep he couldn’t name the place it came from. And there was only one person who could help him.

His heart thumped with determination in his broad chest as he stepped up to Linda’s front door. He took a moment to wipe his boots on the doormat, run his fingers through his thick, ginger hair in an attempt to tame it, and to brush whatever dirt he could off of his lightweight summer work shirt before knocking on the door.

A few seconds later, Linda’s voice murmured something on the other side before she threw open the door. “Angus! You know you don’t have to knock. You’re welcome in my house any time.”

Angus smiled from ear-to-ear. “I wouldnae want to intrude.” He emphasized his accent just for Linda, and had ever since the day she confessed that she liked the way he talked. In reality, he’d been losing his Scottish brogue since the day he set foot on American soil.

Linda cuffed him on his arm and gestured for him to follow her inside. “You’re right on time. I just finished making some sweet tea. You like sweet tea, don’t you?” The spark of mischief that lit Linda’s eyes was unmistakable.

Angus grinned, feeling that same mischief himself. “Aye, I do.”

“Well then, come on in and plop your butt down.”

“Aye, ma’am.”

Angus and Linda rounded the corner into the kitchen, and Linda gestured for Angus to take a seat at the kitchen table.

“Actually, Linda—” It was still a challenge for him to call her by her first name instead of ‘Mrs. Culpepper’ the way his manners dictated. “—I’ve come to talk to you about a matter of some importance.” If Angus had a hat with him, he would have been twirling it nervously in his hands.

“Some importance?” Linda shooed Angus toward the table and went to grab glasses and a pitcher of sweet tea from the counter. “That sounds serious.”

“Well, it is. Probably more serious than I know.” He sat down, feeling, as usual, like he might smash the kitchen chair to kindling. He raked a hand through his hair, wishing it would settle down and lay flat. “I wanted to talk to you about women.”

“Oh?” Linda’s brow flew up. She returned to the table with sweet tea and a wide grin. She set the glass down and squeezed Angus’s shoulder before sitting across from him. “Talk to me, cutie.”

It was a term of endearment that his own mother never had and never would use with him, so Angus glowed. “I’ve been thinking about taking a wife.” He leaned his thick forearms on the table and put on his most serious face.

Linda burst into a smile. “That’s fantastic. You got your eye on a young woman in town?”

Angus winced. “No, no there’s not really time for dating with all the work that needs to be done these days.”

Linda studied him, nodding. “True. Those underwear models really did a number on Culpepper’s female population.”

“They sure did,” he agreed.

“So what’s your plan, then?” Linda leaned closer. “Do you want me to give Dr. Lachele a call for you?”

He scrunched his face and hummed. “I don’t know if it’s come to that yet. I was hoping you might know a fine young lady you could set me up with.”

“Me?” Linda sat straighter, pressing a hand to her chest.

“Aye, you.” Angus laughed. “I figure any girl who meets Linda Culpepper’s standards is good enough for me.”

Linda blushed and waved off his compliment. “Shucks, Angus. I can’t remember the last time anyone said anything that nice to me.”

“But it’s true,” Angus went on. “You’re a fine judge of character. If you say a woman is grand, then I’m sure she’s grand.”

“Thanks for putting so much trust in me.” Linda beamed.

“It’s well-deserved.” Angus nodded, then kept his head lowered, fighting the heat that came to his face. “And the fact is, well, I’m not the best with the ladies.”

“Psht, I find that hard to believe,” Linda said. “A handsome and sweet guy like you?”

The praise settled uneasily on Angus’s shoulders. “Oh, they like me well enough, but…well, I dunno. I’ve never been able to get anything to work out. At this point, I’d rather trust in someone else’s judgment.”

“I see.” Linda settled back in her chair, giving him a once-over. “And watching my boys get hitched through a matchmaker has turned you on to a whole new way to find a bride.”

“If you want to put it that way.”

She hummed and tapped a finger to her lips. “I’ve got an idea.”

“You do?” Angus sat straighter. He knew it’d been a good plan to come to Linda.

“You know that the quads have younger sisters, right?”

“Aye.” He nodded. “I’ve heard your boys talking about them.”

“Well, they’re coming out here in about a month. Joy has this idea that she wants Grace to marry our lawyer friend, Marcus Wells. That leaves Honor on her own.” She narrowed her eyes and studied Angus a bit more. “I think you would like Honor.”

“Honor.” He spoke the name aloud, liking the way it sounded. “What do you know about her?”

Linda shrugged. “Only that she’s a bit of a tomboy. She does woodworking and makes all the cradles for Faith’s doll business. Reading between the lines, I think she took the brunt of their parents’ scolding, but from what I can gather, that’s probably because she’s the most different of the girls.”

“I see.” Angus leaned back in his chair, rubbing the coarse stubble on his chin. “Does Honor have an email account?”

“One her parents don’t know about?” Linda added, guessing perfectly where his thoughts were going. “I’m sure Joy would know.”

“Could you find out for me?” Angus was beginning to feel more excited than he’d felt in years.

“Sure.” Linda grinned and reached across the table to pat his hand. “Hey, if everything works out between you and Honor and the two of you get hitched, you’ll be family for real.”

Something huge and warm exploded in Angus’s chest. He would have given just about anything to be a real part of the Culpepper family.

“I’ll email Honor and start talking to her right away.” He paused in the middle of getting up. “You don’t think she’d find me too forward, talking about marriage right off the bat?”

Linda chuckled. “If the quads can get married at the spur of the moment because of a matchmaker, and if Grace is thinking of marrying Marcus because Joy says she should, then I don’t see why Honor wouldn’t be open to marrying you after a few emails.”

That gave Angus hope. He finished standing. “We’ll see, then. But it sounds like Honor Quinlan and I might be just what the other needs.”


Be sure to pick up Scotsman’s Siren at Amazon today! Also available for Kindle Unlimited!

My Epic Road Trip – Part One

May 07, 2016

Utah MountainsSo anyone who has been following me on Facebook knows that one month ago today, I set out from my cozy little suburban Philadelphia home and began an epic journey. It was a bucket-list journey, something I’ve always, always wanted to do. This was the time. The RT Booklovers Convention was in Las Vegas, NV this year, as a full-time writer, I had the time and the means, so I thought “I’m gonna drive to Las Vegas!”

Well, let me tell you, this epic road trip was worth every second. I learned so much about this country, about the vastness of its landscape and the huge, huge differences between its regions and people. I visited 21 states, 12 of them I’d never been to before, saw a whole bunch of national landmarks, met up with a dozen or more friends I haven’t seen in ages or that I’d never met outside of the internet, and fell in love with a couple of locations that I never would have guessed would tickle my fancy. In the process, I also had a few epiphanies about different parts of this country, and about our nation as a whole.

So for the next few blog posts, I’m going to talk about what I saw and what I thought…

Crossing the Familiar

Pennsylvania: Okay, well, I’m from PA, and I’m also incredibly biased in favor of my state. I always tell people that I’m not particularly patriotic, but I’m incredibly state-riotic! So this wasn’t news to me, but for those who don’t know Pennsylvania, we’ve got it all. Seriously. Everything. I live in a temperate area filled with rolling hills, mass quantities of deciduous trees and forests, more historic sites than you can shake a stick at, and Philadelphia, the fifth largest city in the US. On the other side of the state is those other guys, Pittsburgh (huge Philly/Pittsburgh rivalry going on there), some more mountainy hills, coal and natural gas, more forests, and a super nice guy that I went to high school with and used to date. In the middle is farmland, farmland, and more farmland. And mountains. We call that area Pennsyltucky. Oh, and Lancaster County. Man, I love Pennsylvania!

Iconic Midwest landmark! Plus my Grandma, me, and my Grandma's helper.

Iconic Midwest landmark! Plus my Grandma, me, and my Grandma’s helper.

The Midwest – Ohio, Indiana, Illinois: I was born in southwestern Ohio, in a suburb of Cincinnati. My Grandma still lives there, and I stayed my first night with her. I can’t explain it, but every time I drive through Ohio, I’m struck by how different it feels from Pennsylvania. That’s right, it feels different. It’s much flatter, for one, especially on the western side. Still lots of farms, though. But I have to say—and I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying it—the entire Midwest has a sort of half-panicked feeling to me. Like it’s holding its breath, waiting to see what happens next and not entirely convinced it’s going to be good.

Part of my theory of what might be the root cause of that feeling of desperation is the history of the region. Way, way back in the day, the Midwest was full of excitement and promise. It was the first place that settlers from the brand-spanking new United States picked up and moved to in search of a better life. And they found it! The fertile farmland of the Midwest quickly caused the area to be one of the most prosperous outside of the original thirteen colonies. By the 1840s, Cincinnati was the sixth largest city in the United States. The many rivers and canals that passed through the city and on along the Ohio River to the Mississippi fed that economy. The good times continued into the 20th century, when the Midwest became a hub for industry. My Grandma is a wealth of stories of the middle of the 20th century, when factories and businesses thrived and life was good. Then it all went away. Jobs went overseas, businesses closed, people were laid off and couldn’t find other work. Many people left, but many more couldn’t afford to.

I may be wrong, but the feeling I got from the Midwest was that people there are holding their breath. They’ve been through the wringer in the last two generations, and they’re waiting for things to renew. And there was a lot of potential for renewal in all the things I saw. I sort of considered St. Louis to be the end of the Midwest feeling, and there is definitely a buzz around that city. Oh, and the Gateway Arch (which I’ve always wanted to see) is a lot bigger than I thought it was! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. I think the Midwest is due for a big, positive change.

Moving into the Unfamiliar

StLouis ArchMissouri: The state of Missouri west of St. Louis was my first big surprise. It was the first state I arrived at that I’d never been to before. And you know what? It’s kind of awesome! Now, that may be because it rained all through the Midwest, but the sun came out when I crossed the Mississippi, and all the redbuds were in bloom. I didn’t realize Missouri was so hilly and woody! And I like me some hills and trees. But it wasn’t just the beauty of the state. It had a sort of positivity about it that the Midwest didn’t. I wonder if that has to do with the history of the economy in the state. I get the impression that, unlike Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, Missouri didn’t have the same industrial dependence throughout the 20th century. Just a theory.

Kansas City: Then I reached Kansas City, and my good friend Laura L. Stapleton’s house. We stayed up way too late talking, then the next day we “did” Kansas City. Well, not the city proper. We went to the Three Trails Museum in Independence, MO. I definitely had the impression that if I was an early settler about to make my journey to the frontier on the Oregon Trail, I would have left that starting point full of excitement and energy, ready to run forward to my new life.

Um, as you’ll see later, I don’t think that feeling would have lasted.

Me and author Laura L. Stapleton in Independence, MO, ready to head West on the Oregon Trail!

Me and author Laura L. Stapleton in Independence, MO, ready to head West on the Oregon Trail!

A Token Trek Through Kansas and Iowa, and Eastern Nebraska: So because I wanted to hit as many states as possible, Laura and her husband, Dirk, took me across the Missouri River to stand in Kansas. Of course, in the process I got a nice picture of Susan B. Anthony’s house, as well as a peek at Leavenworth Prison. My plan was to stay in Lincoln, Nebraska that night, and the road to get there took me through Iowa for about half an hour. But I think I can infer what the rest of Kansas and the rest of Iowa must look like from the states around them. Farmland, I’m guessing. Lots of it.

Because almost all of eastern Nebraska was farmland. Lots and lots of flat, flat farmland! I loved Lincoln, though, and I definitely want to go back there. But what struck me as I drove across the state was how positive the feeling was, in spite of there not being a lot of stuff there. I stopped at Ft. Kearny historical site—because, I mean, I mention it several times in my Hot on the Trail series, and I had to take a look at what I’d imagined—but even more than what remains of the fort, it was the vastness of the landscape that really struck me. I thought to myself, there’s nothing in eastern Nebraska.

Little did I know, I was about to redefine “nothing there.”

Lots of Nebraska. Lots of flat farmland.

Lots of Nebraska. Lots of flat farmland.

Anyhow, it was as I drove through Nebraska along the Platte River—just like my characters in the Hot on the Trail series—that I began to have my doubts. I’m pretty sure if I had been a pioneer on the Oregon Trail, about halfway through Nebraska I would have been thinking “Dude, this is the worst idea in the history of ideas!” The flatness and emptiness of what is now Nebraska as it must have existed then would have been overwhelming! It was, as several of the pioneers’ journals tell us.

But then I got to western Nebraska and Wyoming. I’ll save that for next time, though….

Harry Truman had a really sweet house!

Harry Truman had a really sweet house!

Weekend Excerpt – His Tempting Bride/Miriam: The Tempting Bride

Apr 30, 2016

Whew! We made it through the week and into the weekend! I had two–count them, two!–new releases this past week. First was Howard Haskell Takes A Bride as part of the Love’s Prelude box set, and then came His Tempting Bride (spicy)/Miriam: The Tempting Bride (sweet). I haven’t share an excerpt from His Tempting Bride in honor of its release yet, so here you go! And here are a couple of new characters for you to keep your eyes peeled for….

HisTemptingBride_Miriam_2coversIt was several more seconds before she could bring herself to move from her spot and head for the stairs leading to her room on the second floor. She was in serious trouble if Cody could leave her speechless like that.


Miriam started as she reached the stairway. At the top of the stairs, huddled together, twin looks of mischief on their faces, stood Meizhen and Meiying.

“Mimi,” Meizhen repeated. Neither twin had mastered the correct pronunciation of her name, so they’d settled for calling her ‘Mimi.’

Miriam picked up her skirts and rushed up the stairs as the twins gestured for her.

“Show?” Meiying asked.

“Yes!” Miriam scooped both twins into her arms when she reached the second-floor hallway, and the three jumped and hugged in excitement. “Miles convinced Howard Haskell—the town’s founder and mayor—to help us finance a performance. It will be held in the assembly room at the school on March 5th. Howard wanted to use the school to draw attention to the way it’s growing.” She had no worries about speaking quickly to the twins. They understood far more than they were able to speak themselves.

“We are safe,” Meizhen breathed out in relief. “So good.”

“So happy,” Meiying echoed.

“Yes, it’s perfect.” Miriam whisked them along the hall to the hotel room they were sharing. There was only one large bed, but a cot had been brought in for her. “It will be so nice to rest for a while, even though we have so much work to do before the show.”

“And handsome cowboy?” Meiying asked.

“What handsome cowboy?” Miriam used the excuse of taking off her coat to turn away from them. Her Chinese friends were smart and would know in an instant what she was hiding.

“Handsome cowboy in lobby.” Meizhen scolded her with a playful swat. “Very handsome.”

“Very nice,” Meiying added.

“Very close,” Meizhen took it further.

Both twins made a sound as though they knew all about what sort of things happened with handsome men. Of course, if their background was anything as hair-raising as Miriam’s own background, they probably knew all about those things and more.

“It’s nothing,” Miriam insisted. “Well, not nothing.” She crossed the room to hang up her coat and began undressing for bed.

“Tell about not nothing,” Meiying said, crawling onto the bed and laying on her stomach with her chin propped in her hands.

“Yes, tell, tell.” Meizhen copied her, and within seconds, the two of them were wide-eyed and eager to hear the story.

Miriam let out a breath. “Oh, very well.” She stood before the foot of the bed as though she’d just taken the stage. “Before coming out west, I was…I was staying at a place called Hurst Home. It’s a place where women in trouble can go to be safe.”

The twins exchanged sad looks, as though they could have used such a place.

“Hurst Home is owned by a man here in Haskell, and he and a few others had the idea that the women from Hurst Home could come here as mail-order brides to marry ranchers working in the area.”

“Oh.” Meizhen twisted to sit straight. “Mail-order bride.” She nodded fast, gesturing between her and Meiying.

“Yes.” Meiying sat too. “Mother was mail-order bride from Guangzhou.”

Meizhen nodded. “Mother and Father return to China for children. Brother Chi-ming come back here.”

“Send for us to be mail-order brides,” Meiying finished.

“You?” Miriam blinked, rushing to plop on the bed with her friends. “I had no idea.” She paused. “But…but you’re not married, are you?”

“No,” both sisters said in unison, shaking their heads.

“Arrive San Francisco, but cannot find brother,” Meiying said.

“Hear say he move east with railroad,” Meizhen added.

“We look for him.”

Miriam clasped her hands to her chest. “What a beautiful, sad story. And how frightening to arrive in a foreign land, barely speaking the language, alone, friendless.”

The twins looked at each other and laughed.

“We speak English,” Meizhen said.

“We have uncle in San Francisco,” Meiying added.

They both shrugged, and Meizhen said, “Big adventure.”

“Much fun,” Meiying seconded.

They grinned and giggled over their predicament to the point where Miriam felt as though she was even more of a coward than before. Here her friends had gone through a much more frightening trial than she had, and yet they were able to face whatever life threw at them without getting cold feet. If Cody had sent for one of them, they would be married with babies on the way by now.

“Handsome cowboy is right,” she sighed, slumping, then flopping to her back.

“Why handsome cowboy right?” Meiying asked.

“You marry handsome cowboy?” Meizhen followed with a wink.

“I don’t know.” Miriam sighed, throwing an arm over her eyes in a dramatic post. “I simply don’t know.”

But if the show was going to go on in Haskell—and it was—she would find out.


His Tempting Bride (spicy)/Miriam: The Tempting Bride (sweet) is available now, so get out there and grab it!

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RELEASE DAY! – Howard Haskell Takes A Bride

Apr 28, 2016

Whew! Do you ever go away on vacation, then come back and find that your work has not just doubled, it’s ten-pled? That’s what happened to me in the last three weeks. So I’m two days behind in announcing the release of the Love’s Prelude box set. 14 first-in-a-series stories that are sure to make you fall in love! And all for just 99 cents! My contribution is one of my favorite things I’ve written all year, the story of how Haskell, Wyoming founding father, Howard Haskell, met and married his lovely wife, Elizabeth. Here’s a snipped of Howard Haskell Takes A Bride

loves prelude2

Elizabeth’s heart thundered against her ribs—partially because of her outlandish daring in standing up with a man she didn’t know, and partially because every fiber of her being wanted to know him. Howard Haskell was brave, that much was certain. In spite of what Madeline had implied about his origins, the suit he wore was of the finest cut and quality. But when it came down to it, it was the way he grinned at her and swept her into his arms—closer than was strictly proper but with a wink in his intelligent eyes—that won her over.

He moved the two of them easily into the steps of the waltz. “Madame, I have waited my entire life for you.”

Elizabeth did her level best not to swoon at his heated words. “How long can that be? You don’t look a day over twenty-five.”

“I am twenty-seven, my dear heart,” he replied, eyes flashing. “But you are clearly ageless, timeless, immortal, a creation of the heavens, sent to tempt poor mortals such as myself with your boundless charms.”

She laughed, feigning impatience with his flowery words. All the while, her heart drummed, like the natives inhabiting the frontier were beating it.

“Are you certain you are not Irish, sir? For certainly, with conversation like this, you have kissed the Blarney Stone.”

She kept her expression cool as he whirled her around the floor, made certain she hit every step in the dance precisely. All around, guests were watching them. Worse than guests. She spotted her mother gaping from the group that she and Elizabeth’s father had joined. And Jonas was with them.

Elizabeth kept her smile banal and her eyelids half lowered, as if she was bored.

Howard wasn’t fooled. “Come now, my darling. I can see as plain as day that you like my flowery words. And if I could turn them to roses and adorn you from head to toe with them, I would in a heartbeat.”

Heat flooded Elizabeth’s face. She glanced down. “Sir, how can you be so ardent? You do not know me.”

Howard answered with a scolding grunt. “I know all that I need to know through holding you in my arms like this.”

She laughed.

“I’m serious.” He used the excuse of a turn in the dance to draw her closer—so close Elizabeth could almost feel the heat of his chest against hers.

“You are elegant and sophisticated,” he went on. “I perceive that in the way you carry yourself, the quality of your ball gown, and the caliber of the company you keep.”

Elizabeth raised her brow.

“You are intelligent, which is obvious from your witty repartee and the spark in your eyes.”

“No one has ever called me intelligent.” Elizabeth let her thoughts seep out before she could hold them in. She lowered her eyes, embarrassed by her slip.

“Ah, but they should, because it’s true,” Howard told her. He lowered his voice to say, “You are underappreciated. I can see it in the way you blush at compliments. And you are dissatisfied with your life.”

She snapped her eyes up to meet his. “How can you tell that?”

The instant the question was out, she glanced away. She’d betrayed her most private thoughts to this man, a complete stranger.

And yet, not a complete stranger.

“When I first clapped eyes on you, you were gazing out that window, looking for something, longing for something,” Howard went on, his voice a lion’s purr now. “I know that look—that look of being trapped in a world full of rules and restrictions that don’t suit you. I know it, my love, because I feel it too.”

She dragged her eyes back to his. “How do you know? How can you possibly know?” He was not a woman. He didn’t know what it was like to be treated as property, to be bartered and traded as part of a business deal, as though she were no more valuable than cattle.

Howard’s only answer was a smile so gentle and genuine that it sent ripples of longing through her. Those ripples rested in an ache that filled her core, making every step of the dance an exercise in sensuality. The fabric of her bodice suddenly chaffed against breasts that had grown sensitive under the heat of almost touching Howard. His hand on her waist was as intimate as a lover’s touch.

Breath didn’t seem to want to flow through Elizabeth’s lungs, but she still managed to ask, “Who are you, Mr. Howard Haskell? Where have you come from?”

“From your dreams, my dear,” he whispered.


The Love’s Prelude Box Set is available now on these major retailers….



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$3,000 Big Romance Author Spring Giveaway – Last Chance!

Apr 25, 2016


Big Romance Author $3,000 Spring Giveaway April 1-30th, 2016.

Big Romance Author $3,000 Spring Giveaway April 1-30th, 2016.

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Big Romance Author $3,000 Spring Giveaway April 1-30th, 2016

Big Romance Author $3,000 Spring Giveaway April 1-30th, 2016

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