Weekend Excerpt – Veterinarian’s Vixen

Jul 02, 2016

We’re so close! Less than a week until the release of book eight in the Culpepper Cowboy series, Veterinarian’s Vixen! Can’t wait to find out what happens when Culpepper’s hunky large animal vet comes face to face with a certain spunky reporter he’s sure wants nothing to do with him? Well, here’s a sneak peek….


It was a ridiculous cliché not to be able to stop thinking about a woman. Doc ground his teeth and mentally punched himself for not being able to shake any and all thoughts of Nancy as he walked his horse, Booyah, around the paddock at the Culpepper ranch.

“I think he’s in fine form for a race,” Angus commented as he leaned against the fence on the outside of the paddock.

Doc didn’t hear the comment. His mind was still running in circles. How could Nancy date an ass like Stu? He treated her terribly, for one. And even though Doc wasn’t a choir boy or anything, he’d been shocked by the language Stu used around the ladies.

“Why don’t you relax and let him run a bit?” Angus called as Doc reached the far end of the paddock.

Not to be arrogant or anything, Doc’s thoughts continued, but he was a whole lot easier to look at than Stu. What could Nancy possibly see in a short, squat, pin-head like that? She was the same height as him, and she only came up to Doc’s shoulder. Nancy wasn’t the sort to let appearances guide her choice in men—at least he didn’t think so—but it wasn’t just Stu’s looks. It was the whole package. Why was she—

“What’s got your head in the clouds so far that you can’t hear when a man’s calling you noodles-for-brains?” Angus hollered.

Doc snapped out of his thoughts, wheeling Boo around. “What?”

Angus burst into laughter, shaking his head. “There’s only one thing that could have a man so wrapped ’round the axle like that.”

Doc’s frown darkened. He tapped Boo with his heels and trotted over to the fence where Angus stood. “Don’t you start.”

“Me?” Still laughing, Angus clapped a hand to his chest in a gesture of innocence. “You’re the one who’s so distracted by thoughts of a pretty reporter that you couldn’t hear me trying to talk to you.”

Doc huffed, pulling Boo to a stop beside the fence. “She has a boyfriend. End of story.”

“Hardly.” Angus reached over the fence to pat Boo’s flank. “And I don’t think he actually is her boyfriend.”

“She came out here with him for the race,” Doc reasoned. “And he was…familiar with her at the bakery yesterday.”


Angus’s flippant attitude was starting to irritate Doc. At least, he was going to blame his irritation on Angus’s attitude. Anything else made him even more irritated.

“Look, are you going to give me a few tips to help me win this race on the Fourth or not?” he snapped.

Angus shrugged. “You’re the horse expert, mate.”

Boo was restless—probably picking up on Doc’s own restlessness—so he walked him in a small circle. “I’m a veterinary medicine expert, not a racing expert.”

“But you’ve raced before,” Angus said.

“Sure, but nothing formal. Sly and my other brother, Arch, and my sister, Elvie, and I used to race on our family’s ranch all the time.”

“But not competitively?”

“Not really.” Doc smoothed a hand over Boo’s neck to calm his impatient spirits. “A few county fairs and the like. I enjoyed racing, but there wasn’t time once I started vet school.”

“And you really want to win this race now?” Angus arched a brow.

Doc thought back to the arrogance of Stu’s challenge. There was no way he was going to let a weasel like that walk off with any trophies or ribbons.

“Yes,” he answered Angus, more certain than he’d ever been of anything in years.


That’s right, there’s a race going on…a race for Nancy’s heart! Be sure to look for Veterinarian’s Vixen this Friday, July 8th! It’ll be exclusive to Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited for the first three months, then available across a variety of platforms, including iBooks, Nook, and Kobo.

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  1. Teresa j Steward

    Just can’t wait for Friday to get here I love this series of books and have been trying to wait patiently for The Veterinarians Vixon to start being sold almost here Thanks Merry