Trail of Longing – Release Day!

Jan 05, 2015


It’s here! At long last, Trail of Longing is here! And here’s where you can get it….

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How about a little excerpt to whet your appetite?

Emma was busy rinsing tin plates and packing them in a crate for the day’s walk. Her eyes were fixed on her work, but she couldn’t hide the tremor in her lips as she fought not to smile.

“I’m glad to hear it.” Dean nodded. He checked in with Mrs. Sutton. Her color was high, the same as Emma’s but her eyes shone with eagerness instead of Emma’s timidity. “I’m pleased to see that yesterday’s upset hasn’t dented anyone’s spirits.”

He deliberately darted a look to Emma so that her mother could see it. His gamble paid off.

“Oh dear, where are my manners.” Mrs. Sutton burst into action. She left the food she was storing for some later meal and crossed the small camp to the back of the wagon where Emma worked. “Dr. Meyers has been so kind to inquire after our well-being. The least we could do is provide him with a touch of polite company for the day’s walk. Emma, I’ll take care of that. Why don’t you walk with dear Dr. Meyers once we get started.”

“Oh!” Emma squeaked when her mother plucked a plate right out of her hands. Her cheeks were as bright as roses. Her gaze met Dean’s for half a heartbeat before her lashes fluttered down. “I… I suppose… if you’re sure you don’t need me…. That is to say, I usually—”

“Go!” Mrs. Sutton snapped. She covered her order with a light laugh. “I mean, young people shouldn’t spend all of their time in chores and duties. Go and enjoy each other’s company.” She patted Emma’s arm, then put her hand on the small of Emma’s back and pushed her toward Dean.

Dean covered his urge to laugh at Mrs. Sutton’s antics by rubbing his chin and smoothing his hair. “I’d be delighted to walk with you, Miss Emma,” he said. “If that’s what you want.”

Emma pressed a hand to her chest as though she was having trouble breathing, then lay her hand on her cheek. “I would. That is to say, I would be pleased… I… if you really want to…. I mean….” She let out her breath, the slightest frown creasing her brow for a moment as she pursed her lips. Dean had never known anyone to struggle so hard to be so charming. At last she drew in a breath and with great effort said. “Yes.”

I hope you enjoy this latest installment of the Hot on the Trail series! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for book 4, Trail of Dreams, coming February 16th!


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  1. Diane Peterson

    Was privileged to read it in advance. Very good book! Realistic and genuine. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope many, many others do as well.